If interested in purchasing one of these works, please contact the artist, Kathy Byrne, directly via email: 


Watercolor, 15 x 22
(framed, 22x28)
(unframed- $375) 

Watercolor, 11x14

(framed, 16x20)
(unframed- $175) 

KathyByrne-Red Barn-Watercolor.jpg


Watercolor, 12x18
(framed, 18x24)
(unframed- $275) 



I began my fascination with watercolors in 1998 when I was working with children as a pre-school teacher in Santa Rosa, California. I enjoyed watching them explore the many varied materials that were offered to them. This inspired me to begin my own exploration and relationship with watercolor. I love the challenges, difficulty of the medium,and exploring innovative ways to use watercolor.

I began taking classes and workshops and have joined many local, statewide and national art organizations.  I began entering my watercolor paintings into juried art shows, winning many awards including Best of Shows in many of the shows. I earned my Signature Membership in the California Watercolor Association (CWA) in 2015. I have shown my work in many galleries as well as participatied in many art shows and venues throughout the United States.

I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, including still life, landscapes, flowers, collections of items (such as glass bottles, rusty wheels, desert bells, weathered buckets, antique books, nature, trees, silk lanterns, etc.). My painting “Silk Lanterns”  is one  of my  latest examples of one of my collection subjects. 

I also have many archival prints available of my artwork for sale by contacting me at